Do you know bachelors dial the number most? It is the home laundry service and not pizza delivery

Yes, the statement might surprise you. However, it is true. Washing clothes is perhaps the most frustrating thing when you are a bachelor. You don’t have the infrastructure (neither the willingness) to clean the stuff every week. Giving the load to a laundry service round the corner is another pain. You have to take the stuff to the shop and then again collect it.

No wonder, home laundry service Mumbai is a flourishing business today. You search on the net for the best services in the area. The list will be enormous. While every laundry service claims to be the best laundry in Mumbai, to finding out the quality service provider is a challenge indeed.

What if you are a novice in the area?

When you are not familiar with the area, then it is always better asking people around. If there are many working people in your neighbourhood who are bachelors, then finding good quality laundry and dry cleaning services in Mumbai should not be rocket science.

Even if the home laundry service charges you a little bit extra, it is always worth paying it. You are saved from the hassles of carrying the clothes to-and-fro. Here are some practical and simple tips to extract the best output from your laundry service provider.

Sort the clothes for your and their convenience

See, washing services do not expect really that you give them clothes neatly sorted. However, one should do it in the interest of longer life of clothes. Sort them category wise so that the washing service person doesn’t get confused. Typically, three piles should be made; white clothes, light colored clothes, and dark colored cloths.

Don’t give delicate clothes unless you are sure about washing instructions

When you prepare the washing bag for one of the seasoned laundry services in juhu, make sure you give clothes that are suitable for washing. Some fabrics are delicate and costly which needs dry-cleaning. Read the instructions written on the label before you throw it in the bin.

Be attentive towards stains

If there are stains on some clothes, then put them aside. Show the cloths to the delivery person. Sometimes, you need stain-removing methods to make it spotlessly clean. Don’t mix them with other clothes as the whole lot may get spoiled.

These tips are generic, hence, can be applied universally. Enjoy a pleasant experience and the best value for money.Bclean, the one-stop online solution for all laundry needsBclean, the one-stop online solution for all laundry needs

Bclean, the one-stop online solution for all laundry needs

Life has become a mad rush in the modern era. Especially in the metro cities and big towns, people are busy from morning to late evening. After performing duties in the hectic schedule of 9 to 7, there is hardly any energy left for the household work. People are busy all the time, whether it is a weekday or weekend. In such scenario, online laundry services come to rescue from the troublesome work of washing and ironing clothes. Bclean is a well-known online laundry service Mumbai for all kinds of washing, dry-cleaning and ironing services. Since the services are available on the Internet, people find it highly convenient to place the order.

Public relation officer of Bclean talks to correspondents in a press conference and explains about the specialty of services offered by the company.

“Laundry is a time-consuming, mundane task. Collecting clothes, washing, separating and ironing eat up all productive time of yours. Whether you buy a washing machine or appoint a maid for the work, there are many hassles into it. We want our clients to live a hassle-free and smooth life without worrying about the cleaning of clothes. Hence, our smart and effective online services have gained popularity within a short time.”

She explains the benefits in brief. “If you are hard-pressed for time, then our services are the best Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services in Andheri West for you. On-time delivery and excellent customer care are our areas of expertise. We know your time is precious.”

Why should you choose Bclean?

Press correspondent asked about the importance of choosing home laundry service Mumbai, in particular, Bclean. Public Relation Officer of Bclean underlined the highlights of the services. personalized

“We are amongst the leading online laundry service provider offering best quality services coupled with highly experience for each customer. We use state-of-the-art technology and efficient machines. Our quality control team ensures that the chemicals and detergent used for cleaning purpose is safe to the clothes. It makes us the one-window solution for all the washing, dry cleaning and ironing needs of our esteemed customers.”

Within a short time, Bclean has made a significant presence in the field of online laundry services. The team works hard to maintain the reputation. Safety of clothes is considered utmost important and with a deep knowledge of garments and fabrics, the team uses right methods for the right fabric. No wonder, it leaves a more than satisfactory impression. Customers are delighted with the excellent quality of laundry pickup and delivery services.